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I was just re-reading some notes I made to myself 12 months ago—the sort of jotting I do when I’m thinking about the year to come, and how I want to approach it—and I happened upon the following: “How I live, day-by-day, matters. Attention, and where we direct it, may be everything, because it shapes and defines experience.” I share these private notes only to say that I continue to think about I can help others take back their attention and harness it in the direction of the things that really matter.


I’m offering three opportunities in January where we might continue these contemplations together. Consider joining me:

Poetry Forge begins next Wednesday, January 6 in Easthampton, MA (details in attached flier). An eight week, seminar style class for serious poets. $320

Winter Poetry Apprenticeship (new and revised) begins on Friday, January 8 (online). 3 spaces remain. $240

“A Year of Poetry” begins Friday, January 8 (online). A 12 month apprenticeship and immersive independent study for those unable to return to school or travel for workshops. Includes mentoring and feedback on work in progress. $1460

*More details are contained in the attached flier. I encourage you to plan ahead by saving the dates and enrolling early.

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Installation, Brooklyn Public Library, August 2015



I’m returning to teach at InterlochenCollege of Creative Arts with at least six workshops and retreats scheduled for 2016, providing opportunities for face-to-face workshops in northern Michigan. First up, a three day “Live Your Art Retreat,” my boot-camp style, creativity incubator for writers and artists, Feb. 19-21. (This will fill quickly; Register asap.)

I’ll co-teach two “Small Pages” workshops with my mother, painter Carol C. Spaulding. These day-long experiences explore visual art and writing as forms of contemplative practice. June 25 & August 20. Reserve your place early.

I’ve teamed up with graphic designer and life coach, Chelsea Bay Dennis of The Conscious Entrepreneur, to offer a series of workshops entitled “You’re a Great Story,” for those interested in uncovering the story of who they are, and what makes them come alive in the world, and in their work. Our first edition is especially for those seeking a new job, exploring self-employment, or hoping to become more fulfilled in their current work situation. April 18, 6-8pm in Traverse City. Stay tuned for more details and tickets.


Do you need support while you gestate or launch a new project? Are you out of the habit but determined to get to work on something long dreamed of? Mentoring is tailored to your goals, whether you’re a writer, artist or creative entrepreneur, and our shared mission may be the completion of a manuscript, an exhibitions, a performance, or any other project for which you could use counsel. Some people begin with the goal of a more resilient daily art practice but invariably this leads to bigger things. Whitman said “Do the work.” I’m here to help you do it.


You can enroll in all of my programs directly from my site, subscribe to receive weekly craft-related and process-focused blog posts (look for the blue button on the left), and find my 2016 calendar of classes and events.


Guest teaching, Comparative Arts Department, Interlochen Arts Academy

poetry matters. join the conversation.

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poetry matters. join the conversation.

join my community