Draw Closer + A Secret Life + A New Website

In more than twenty-five years of working among artists, writers & activists I’ve witnessed how creative endeavors enlarge people & fortify communities.

They reconstruct the mind & liberate the body from the forces that urge us to concede, to consume, & to accept narrower definitions of what it means to be alive.

I believe our work involves drawing closer, paying attention, speaking truthfully & manifesting a more humane & habitable world in all the ways we can do so.

For quite some time I’ve dreamed of an online home that will immerse you in the consolations and edifications of poetry. A place to inspire you to live your art more fully, & to embolden imagination.

That dream is now a reality & I invite you to meet me there. I’m offering a number of new online courses that provide stimulating instruction built on a foundation of poetic & contemplative practices, & linked to a liberatory ethos. These offerings are designed to amplify awareness, improve your craft, & provoke ideas & creative actions.

They are invitations to engage with, & contribute to our diverse culture, our democracy, & to the future.

Here are the three courses you can participate in this season, from anywhere in the world, with more to be unveiled in the coming weeks:

A Secret Life
because something is ready manifest through you.

A Body of Work
for the poet ready to transform that file of drafts
into a chapbook collection worthy of a wider readership.

Spring Poetry Immersion
new work, improved craft, & a steadier writing practice

My intention is to offer you an opportunity to see the world & your role in it, in a new way.

Please stop by and tell me what you think.


P.S. On my site, you’ll also find recordings of poems, scintilla on influences, my blog, & thoughts on the connection between my off-grid childhood & being a poet in the world.

poetry matters. join the conversation.

join my community


poetry matters. join the conversation.

join my community