Bringing Forth What Is Within You

There is a passage from the Gnostic Gospels that has been on my mind all summer:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” (Gospel of Thomas)

The 21 Day Poetry Challenge is designed connect you with what is within you, and help you BRING IT FORTH. After the summer heat and shifty schedules, I invite you to commit to a writing practice that will restore rhythm and prompt more poems.

Our theme for this session is RETURN.

Infuse your morning routine with more creative energy by challenging yourself to write a little bit every day until autumn arrives. Notice how some thoughtful structure and gentle guidance can coax your poems, enrich your days, and improve your mood and outlook.

Challenge: Commit to 21 days of practice.
Process: Each morning receive a writing provocation, brief reading, and guidance for 30 minutes or so of free-writing and embodied poetics.
New this session: More videos, poetry resources, and a guided meditation.
Feedback: Submit up to three new poems for private, hand-written feedback at the end.
Write together: Gather twice during the session to write together and talk about the process in a live webinar with me.

September 1-21, 2018

All Levels.

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“Holly is as masterful a teacher as she is a poet. I have found so much richness in the rhythm, content, and support she provides in her course, 21. I have done this powerful 21-day poetry challenge three times and plan to continue taking it as part of nourishing my creative practice and reverent living. Holly’s selection of poems and related provocations are brilliant and facilitate sweet and generative intimacy with the model poets and their subject matter. If you are looking to deepen your poetry practice or simply wish to enjoy support around a daily mindfulness and writing ritual, I highly recommend 21.”—Lillie W., Summer 2018

In case you’re wondering what we’ll read this session: Arecelis Girmay, Gwendolyn Brooks, Louise Gluck, Joy Harjo, Danez Smith, Tarfia Faizullah, Ellen Bass and many others!

This writing challenge is delivered via email and includes two webinars via Zoom and taught by award winning poet and acclaimed teaching artist, Holly Wren Spaulding.


This is my archive of writing provocations. Since 2014, I have written new ones for each challenge, based on all new reading selections. I am in the process of making them into a book!



poetry matters. join the conversation.

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poetry matters. join the conversation.

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