who are you when no one is looking?

what would you make?

move away from the crowd
get quiet

how long have you craved the space to do just this?

to notice what emerges when you allow the natural impulse to unfold?.

a timeless practice

 contemplative writing will help you connect with what exists most deeply inside of you. it will illuminate essential forms of self-knowledge, creativity, & thought.


a clearer sense of who you are
& what you care about right now.

your secret life

is a source.

make space to imagine a path forward

during a season uniquely suited to the process

reacquaint yourself

with your off-line life.
cultivate a private space away from public view.

the time is now.

my part.

each Friday for six weeks, beginning with the Winter Solstice, I’ll send you a lesson that contains a brief reading, reflective writing prompts, personal worksheets, & practical guidance for cultivating a more integrated artistic and inner life.

I’ll encourage you to uncover something hidden but important, & align your lifestyle to give this idea, project or endeavor more space & attention in the following months. if you have a project you’d like to manifest in the coming year, this process will draw it out, and help you sketch a plan for how to make it happen.

join me in early January for a live workshop via Zoom video, where I will facilitate a creative process that supports reflection & articulation of your hopes & dreams for the coming year.

at the end of 6 weeks, you may schedule a private mentoring session with me … to nudge your vision into concrete form, because ideas need allies, and what we articulate has a better chance of becoming real in the world.

thoughtful notes will be shared with you following our session.

your part.

as one year draws to a close, and a new one begins, make a pact with yourself to clear a quiet space as part of a larger mission to reclaim territories of life & experience that might remain dormant or neglected otherwise. reconsider your relationship to social media and technology, by joining a self-defined digital detox, if you choose, which is a powerful way to achieve more time and space for your secret life.

engage with brief readings, worksheets & writing provocations each week.

commit to conceiving a small or large idea or project to be manifested within the coming year.

enjoy the care package that will arrive in late December will tools for our journey.

benefit from a private 45-minute dialogue with me at the end of the session.

your secret life. immeasurable

Enroll me.

*Includes a care package, six-weeks of coursework, live webinars, and a 45 minute private coaching session with Holly, followed by thoughtful notes from our call.

“I have taken several of Holly’s classes and workshops over the last ten years and she has helped me to discover not just my authentic and readable writing style, but more importantly, my authentic self. She has taught me, a weathered fifty-something father of five, new ways to read and write and be. Over the years I surrendered to the treacheries of social media and the internet and lost my connection to my library and writing tablets, as well as my habit of morning walks on the beaches of Lake Michigan. Holly magically restored these connections. She possesses a remarkable gift in that she teaches her students not just how to read and write, but how to live.” —Michael Sutherland

q & a

Are there any prerequisites for participation in this course?

A willingness to create space and engage with the material is all that is asked. Participants will be encouraged to set boundaries around social media and other online activity as a powerful way to preserve a sense of creative retreat.

What is the time commitment?

You will receive the most benefit from this experience by setting aside 2-4 hours each week to read, write, walk, & contemplate your project. As with any online course, you get to choose what that looks like, and when you do the work.

How will the lessons arrive?

I will send the themed lessons on Friday mornings. I suggest you print the materials and work with them away from your screen.

What if I have to use social media as part of my job, but still want to take this course with you? 

Even a small scale digital detox has a way of freeing us from the public gaze and myriad distractions and disturbances that arise in online spaces. Mindful use of our technology helps us to gather our thoughts and embark on a process in a safe way. For those who feel they have little or no time in which to do creative work, replacing something of less value, with something of more value, can spark a revolution in one’s relation to time.

If you decide you want to take this course, I will offer a variety of strategies for guarding your attention and emboldening your creative vision. Stepping away from social media is only one way to experiment with this idea.

What if I have questions along the way?

This course is conceived as an independent study and provides guidance within each lesson so that you can do the work in your own way, on your own time. Those wishing to book their mentoring session before the end of the course are welcome to do so. You can arrange this with me via email. Of course you are very welcome to reach me via email if you have questions of a practical nature.

What happens during our mentoring session?

Toward the end of the course, I’ll invite you to make an appointment to speak with me via phone. We’ll talk about your idea or project and if you wish, I can offer feedback and suggestions for how to move the process forward. Think of me as your very own creative consultant and co-conspirator. I’ve produced many projects, performances & creative experiences over the years, so I’m happy to be a sounding board and offer my expertise and resources to you. You’ll also receive thoughtful notes in the mail following our call.

poetry matters. join the conversation.

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poetry matters. join the conversation.

join my community