for the modern contemplative

a 9-week e-course

your inner life

routines & rituals help us make meaning of our experience of being alive
by providing us with a form of conversation with our private selves


for spiritual pilgrims, a long, intentional journey
is a way to embody the process of wondering through the act of walking.

a pilgrimage path has duration & it’s simple…

one’s needs become so basic as to be radical.


the role that walking, peripatetic thinking, lectia divino (slow reading) & contemplative writing
can play in enriching the inner and outer life, by supporting the body’s physical well being,
& renewing the creative imagination.

find a path
right where you live

read, write, walk & think about your daily life as a journey an form of pilgrimage.
discover revelatory moments of attention.

for the modern contemplative

who feels an affinity to poetry as a form of wisdom,
& the practice of simplicity as a means to focusing on what really matters.

my part.

friday evenings, each week for 9 weeks, I’ll email you a brief lesson that includes poems & brief texts for lectia divino (slow reading) to help you think about different forms of pilgrimage & the idea of “poetic attention”. you’ll also receive a brief writing provocation to encourage creative, written responses to your experience.

to make this an enriching experience, once a week you’re invited to email me any questions or comments.

your part.

each weekend, delve into the readings, writing provocations & other suggestions as a form of sabbath, or rest.

during the week you’ll be encouraged to hold a particular focus in mind, with suggestions for how to integrate that theme or idea into daily life.

there is no requirement to submit your writing for my review, but you’re encouraged to find someone in your family or social circle, with whom to have a dialogue about your experience.

once a week, email me any questions or comments, to which you’ll receive a thoughtful response.

notice how these simple tools (reading, walking, writing, contemplation) support subtle shifts in awareness in relation to your physical environment, your body, and the quality of your attention and mind.

pilgrim. let’s begin


“I just want to thank you for the time you spent designing the writing prompts. They helped me write something everyday, and loosened up the lyrical voice in my memoir, which has helped the book as a whole.” –Kunaka Ratunil

q & a

Do you expect me to have some kind of formal spiritual practice already?

not at all. an interest in nurturing your spiritual life, and a willingness to do something about it will be enough.

Is your content sensitive to diverse faiths and belief systems?

very much so, although I draw significantly from Buddhist readings and philosophy.

Do you read or comment on our writing during the course?

although I will invite you to share reflections with me along the way, your writing is meant for you to—no one else.

What if I have questions along the way?

I’m always available to you weekly via email and will do everything I can to make this course an enriching and accessible experience for you.

poetry matters. join the conversation.

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poetry matters. join the conversation.

join my community