a new writing regimen

for poets and aspiring poets

designed with the challenges of the 21st century in mind


to poetry as a practice.

give yourself

two weeks of guided writing, reading, & play

let it be an experiment

in following your curiosity & desire


a way of becoming present

to yourself, your ideas, & the world


a simple gift

my part.

I’ll email you a short instructional video, inspiring poem & original writing provocation each morning for a week.

I’ll offer guidance on the process as we move from the early stages of generating new material, to a clearer sense of what it might become through revision.

“Holly Spaulding understands poetry as vocation and brings that level of attention to her work as a teacher. She won’t let you take the “easy” way out with poems, and you won’t want to. You will come away from her guidance with not only concrete advice for improving your work, you will also learn strategies for allowing poetry to inform your life.” Amber Edmondson

your part.

enjoy the provocations and suggestions. experiment and see what happens. train your body and mind to make poetry a true practice. at the end you may find you have seven new pieces of work.

a life in poetry begins with practice.

“I think I’m reaching a point that I’ve been heading for—the beginning of a path—and these poems and prompts are daily lighting the next step. This challenge so far as been all that I need it to be—and more. I wake each morning to find a poem that goes straight to my heart and lingers in my head throughout the day.” Sam Fisher


writing in a daily way calms that inner voice that wants, so desperately, to be given space.

you’ll practice in a supportive setting, what could actually change your life—if you let it.

up to five new poems, by you, to continue working on…to develop and refine.

the pleasure of the process itself.

participation in SEVEN grants you entry into my Poetry Immersion Program & the work you do might even set you on a path to joining my annual manuscript incubator, A Body of Work

“During SEVEN, I developed a daily routine of doing the reading in the morning and then watching the video later on. It was great to have something to think about during the day, then formally revisit in the evening. I found I also thought about other poems or ideas that sort of went with the reading. Anyway, loved the video!

I got several drafts that I’m excited to work with this week, and that makes me happy. The week-long course was perfect for me right now. I felt guided and very poetry-focused. It jumpstarted some new ideas for me and also spurred me to change some things in my routine — which I’m thinking are positive and “keepers” — and caused me to drag out about 15 books of varying sorts to my writing desk. My husband came home for the weekend and said, “What’s going on here?”. It just looked like I was knee-deep in a project – and I was!” Kris Kunz

q & a

Are there any prerequisites for participation in this course?

The desire to write is all that’s required.

What kinds of poems do you use to teach?

I love sharing poems that offer pathways and possibilities that we can learn from or emulate. Our readings will be drawn from major as well as under-appreciated 20th and 21st century authors. Expect to fall in love with at least one new-to-you poet this session.

Will I share my work at any point during the course?

My hope is that you’ll use this time to focus on generating new work without worrying about what anyone else thinks about it. This is a time to develop yourself without self-consciousness or the pressure to show it earlier than it’s ready to be shown.

What if I would like to receive feedback at some point?

I am happy to review work in progress and all participants will be offered the option to arrange for private feedback at the end of the course. My fee is $75 per hour for developmental editing and thoughtful, written feedback. If that is something you already know you want, feel free to reach out via my CONTACT page to make arrangements.

What if I have questions along the way?

This course is designed as an independent study, and all that you’ll need is provided in the daily dispatches. If you have technical challenges related to receipt of the materials, you’re welcome to reach out for assistance. It’s also possible to arrange for a private tutorial. Just email and we can schedule that.

“I cannot tell you how long I have ached to write. To really write. I have started and stumbled a thousand times. I feel over the last seven or so months I have grown as an artist and as a writer under your loving, kind, generous, patient, knowledgeable, imaginative and grounded guidance. Our work together means everything to me.” Nancy Leas

poetry matters. join the conversation.

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poetry matters. join the conversation.

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