Holly at Goose Rocks Beach, September 2015

I’m a poet, teaching artist, and creative mentor based in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. In 2012 I left academia, and now I run Poetry Forge, a community-based incubator for writers and their work where the generation of new poems is matched with ongoing, rigorous conversations about creative practice and craft. I teach writing and creative courses for Interlochen College of Creative Arts and other arts organizations, and offer writing instruction and apprenticeship experiences to private students and small groups via in person, online, and one-on-one correspondence opportunities. At the heart, I’m interested in helping others engage their art, and thrive amidst the many social, technological, and existential pressures of our time.

I’ve received numerous awards, residencies and fellowships, as well as two Pushcart nominations for my writing, and published widely as an independent journalist, book reviewer, essayist and poet in places like The New York Times, The Nation, The Ecologist, Michigan Quarterly Review, Witness, Talking River, Alternet, Z Magazine, Corpwatch.org, and Foreword Magazine. I’ve published two chapbooks, The Grass Impossibly (Michigan Writers Cooperative Press, 2008) which was selected by Fleda Brown for that year’s poetry prize, and Pilgrim (Alice Greene & Co., 2014). I contributed to the book We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism (Verso, 2003) and other anthologies. You can hear me in this podcast from FULFILLAMENT, a live storytelling event in Traverse City, MI where I spoke about finding meaning and purpose through vocation.

I also collaborate regularly with other artists. This 90 second video is a glimpse of an ongoing installation called Urban Renga, where we project poetry in public places. It was shot in Brooklyn in August 2015.




“ Thank you so very much for the 21 Day Poetry Challenge. I opened many memories, explored a deeper consciousness, and am constantly in awe of reading poetry. Put me on your list for December’s class.  And I am talking this class up to my other poet friends. It would be fun to share your class with others.  Thank you again for your gifts.” S.G. , Retired Health care Provider


“Every time I’m around you I learn something important to/for me. Often it’s new, sometimes not. You always remind me to honor the writing life and my place in it.” —S.O., Professor of Social Sciences


“I cannot tell you how long I have ached to write. To really write. I have started and stumbled a thousand times. I feel over the last 7 or so months that I have grown as an artist and as a writer under your loving, kind, generous, patient, knowledgable, imaginative, and grounded guidance. Our work together means everything to me.” N.L., Health Care Provider



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